2 Slimming Creams That Really Work

March 14, 2014

Slimming creams that work. An oxymoron, no? Without being promotional, this article attempts to present several slimming cream products that are effective in what they claim to do. 

However, as with all health and beauty products, they should not be taken at face value. If something promises to deliver a certain result, it’s a marketing scheme. Whether or not it actually works often comes down to personalized factors such as skin receptiveness, body reaction etc. 

The most effective ways of losing weight are obviously working out, dieting and dedication. Fat is stored in your body when you consume an excess amount. So dieting is the first step to overcoming weight problems. This doesn’t mean under-eating or eating greens etc, it simply means consuming the right amounts of fat, and the right types of fat, in order to stay healthy.

The next step is weight loss. Losing weight requires action, not inaction, and no slimming cream, no matter how well advertised, is going to get rid of excess fat. The reason for its popularity is relatively simple. When the process of dieting and constant exercise reaps little results in large amounts of time, society offers a quick fix with less effort. Of course people are going to jump at these promotions, but they often reap no result.

However, there are some slimming products which can help reduce the amount of cellulite when applied to the skin. Cellulite is the bubbly, lumpy parts of skin that most overweight people have on their upper thighs, arms and other areas of the body. The following products have received good reviews and are worth testing for different reasons. Therefore, it’s the best that you could ask for.

L’Oreal PerfectSlim

The most effective form of advertising in niche markets, such as health and beauty, is truthful advertising. Claiming something that no one else claims usually catches the eye of the audience, and in L’Oreal’s case, this type of advertising proved to be true, and therefore effective. L’Oreal claimed that their slimming product worked when used in conjunction with a certain diet and workout routine. And guess what? For the first time in this product’s history, customers reaped results. 

This brand of slimming cream has been scientifically proven to reduce cellulite and help battle certain chemicals in the body responsible for storing fat. Whether it was a decisive factor in weight loss is unknown, but it is one of the creams that work.

Elancyl’s Chrono-Actif

This French product was scientifically tested by 220 women. In some cases, women saw up to a two centimetre reduction in two weeks as a result. One of France’s leading women reporters stated that, “In all three previous tests, we have never found any cream that has proved to be more effective than a thigh massage [with Chrono-Actif].” *

Whether the reduction was due to the women working out we will never know, but this proves that there are some creams that work, if only to produce minor results. A result is a result in a market plagued with unachievable promises.

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