Best over the counter weight loss pills for 2014

May 31, 2014

Over the counter weight loss pills have been used as a quick way of losing weight but only a few have been proved to work. The Food and Drug Administration recommends for herbal dietary supplements which means most over the counter weight loss pills haven’t been approved for use. A reduced –dose formulation of orlistat called Alli one of the pills that has been approved for weight loss. It’s side effects are slightly lower with its prescription but they are still unpleasant for use. It has a net weight loss effect of more than 50% compared to diet and exercise. Another approved pill is xenical though has side effects. According to research, weight loss pill though help reduce weight, they have far more dangerous effects that outweigh the benefits. Some commonly used over the counter weight loss pills include; bitter orange, chitosan, chromium, conjugated linoleum acid, green tea extract, guar gum and hoodia.They work in several ways:

· Increasing calories burned.

· Blocking absorption of dietary fat.

· Suppressing appetite.

· Increasing calorie and fat metabolism.

However the truth is side effects are unavoidable and once you take them your body is subject to unhealthy mechanism that not only will interfere with your comfort but present a health risk. Below are some of side effects researched to work side by side with the functioning of over the counter pills?

· Bitter orange raises blood pressure and heart attack.

· They develop a condition of loose stool.

· They limit the control of bowel and frequent visits to toilet which may interfere with your normal duties.

· Chitosan increases stool bulk and causes constipation.

· Some lead to stomach upsets, nausea and accumulation of gas.

· Some like green tea extract causes dizziness, vomiting and diarrhea.

· Others may cause you to experience abdominal pain.

· Causes a feeling of irritation.

· Change of moods and sometimes a feeling of boredom or rather not ready to work or do anything constructive.

It is clear enough that over the counter pills work but with dangerous side effects. Before use, if you must use them, check with your doctor to advice you and prescribe on the use according to the way your body functions. You can also start with a small dose to monitor how your body changes before fully using it for weight loss.Alternatively there are more healthy methods for losing weight like exercising and adapting certain habits towards reducing fat intake that have worked to many people. There are also herbal supplements.

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