Best Weight Loss Tips For Women

February 8, 2014

With the current awareness on the dangers of being overweight, many women are now more conscious about their weight. Those who are in the right weight range are doing their best to keep it that way while those who are already overweight are struggling to shed off the extra pounds. It is however not a smooth journey, especially for the overweight women. A successful weight loss program is one that requires a total lifestyle change, something that many women find hard to achieve. But with a few helpful tips, you can successfully put your life back on track and start on the journey to a healthier body.

Weight loss diet tips:
In any weight loss program, what you eat is the most crucial aspect. You may run for 10 miles a day but if you continue eating foods full of sugar and fat, there will be no difference. Start by eating right.

• Stick to the recommended five to nine servings of vegetables and fruits. You will stay full as well as healthy.
• Drink a lot of water throughout the day.
• If you have to take your snacks, replace them with something healthier such as nuts.
• Do not be tempted to go on a subtraction diet. This is where you reduce your food consumption. Going hungry can have the opposite results of what you intend. Instead, add healthier foods to your normal servings.
• Do not skip breakfast. Breakfast keeps you full until lunch, thus helping you avoid unhealthy snacks.
• For those ‘unhealthy’ treats that you love so much, eat them at a restaurant or somewhere else away from home. This way, you will eat only a small amount of them.
• To fight frequent hunger pangs, opt for more frequent meals during the course of the day rather than two or three big ones.
• Track your eating by keeping a journal. It will help you track your progress and keep you accountable.

Weight loss exercise tips:
Exercise complements dieting and can help in quicker weight loss.
• Engage in a form of exercise that you deeply enjoy. If going to the gym is too hard, try an intense dance session if you enjoy dancing. You can also try cycling, walking or swimming.
• Engage in a variety of exercises to avoid boredom.
• Do not do cardio exercises only, combine them with weight training. Cardio burns calories but weight lifting builds muscles which increases your body metabolism, meaning that you burn fat even when you are resting.
• Establish a routine that works for you and stick to it.
• Get a workout partner to motivate and support you.

General lifestyle tips:
As mentioned before, weight loss requires you to change a lot of aspects pertaining to your lifestyle, starting from your attitude to your physical habits.

• Get an ‘I can do it’ attitude. This will give you the courage and motivation you need to lose weight.
• Write down your weight loss goals and then start working towards achieving them.
• Cut down on your alcohol consumption.
• Do not give up even if you slip once or twice.
Lastly, have a friend support you in your endeavor. Make sure that you find a weight loss partner who is encouraging and positive.

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