Paleo Diet Criticism

February 27, 2014

Paleo Diet CriticismFirst and foremost, the Paleo diet may also be referred to as the “caveman diet” or “Paleolithic diet.” The Paleolithic diet is strongly based on the thought that our bodies are able to adapt well to what our human ancestors consumed during the Paleolithic age. The argument made from this diet is that you will regain your lost power, and therefore you can develop to be very important and as strong as they were. However, the foods that we are consuming nowadays are not very healthy for us. This is why some of us are returning to eat the Paleo diet in order to restore our health. There are some people who are willing to begin these diets, so the following are some ways on how to start:

1. Get ready
It is good that you make a decision on how long you are going to partake in the diet. You will note that there are different types of diets according to the source of the diet you decide to follow. You should also prepare food in your kitchen and store it in the cupboard. This is because you will need a nice place to store your special foods such as meat. Also, you may require a fridge to put your fresh ingredients in, like berries, fish and fruits. In this first step, you are also required to gather your basic ingredients. Actually, you can make a variety of different meals that you are able to consume as a part of the Paleo diet.

2. Eat like a caveman
You should learn to eat like a caveman. You should ease yourself into the diet, maybe by trying weekly blocks or even eating during different parts of the day. You should change your daily routine of taking meals (breakfast, lunch and supper), as you may be required to take six small meals per day. Do not consume dried food all day, but bear in mind that you are now a grazer. In fact, you should respect and love your food. These rites are very important parts of following the Paleo diet. Create a Paleolithic diet recipe. You will note that as you start following this diet, you may require books in order to learn how to prepare foods, such as salads and roasting.

3. Paleo diet criticism
It is good to include other aspects of the Paleo diet if possible. A few people who follow these diets do not only consider what goes to their body but also what makes their souls contented. Here, one is also required to be flexible, as you will be required to move different places in search of food. In addition, you should also consider the health aspects. This Paleo diet will not suit everyone and their lifestyle; it will only favor a few. It is advisable, before you make this decision of changing your diet, to first consult your doctor. The Paleo diet in some cases may be considered unhealthy due to high levels of fat consumption. Finally, it is also good to take in more healthy foods and less unhealthy foods. After all of that, you will have followed the Paleo diet.

Some interesting facts about the paleo diet plan

The Paleo diet which is also popularly referred to as the ancient diet of the caveman is a popular nutritional plan which is based on the food habits of the people who lived in the paleolithic age.This diet was first introduced in the middle part of 1970 decade.The Paleo diet is based on the fact that considering the humans have not had a dramatic change in their genetic composition since the era when agriculture was first introduced, they would be healthy if they continue to follow the diet of the paleolithic age as genetically they are well adapted to that kind of food.

According to the experts who recommend this diet, people who follow the paleo diet should plan their intake in such a way that they derive 36 – 45% of their food energy from plant based food and the remaining 56- 65% from food based on animal protein. Another recommendation is to consume food that have a high content of protein and comparatively low rate of carbohydrates. Food items that are permissible while following the paleo diet are organic meats, sea food, fresh vegetables and fruits, eggs, and oils that are healthy namely olive oil,coconut oil and walnut oil. The major food items that should not be consumed while following this diet are grains, dairy products, any kind of processed food, potatoes, cereals, refined salt, sugar and even refined oil.

Apart from fostering weight loss , the paleo diet is also proven to be extremely beneficial to health. Based on the findings of a number of clinical trials it has been proved that following a paleo diet can lower the risk of diseases that can be a result of poor cardiovascular health, improve levels of blood pressure and thereby foster an all round improved health.

Although The paleo diet has become immensely popular in the current times, the fact that it recommends greater intake of proteins and low consumption of carbohydrates does not make it a balanced diet.Moreover excessive intake of proteins might lead to certain conditions like clogging of the arteries which are detrimental to health. The paleo diet is also not suitable for people who have kidney ailments.Also considering the fact that the diet does not allow consumption of legumes which it curbs an important source of nutrition for people who are vegetarian.

Therefore it can be safely concluded that this diet is not sustainable for a long term. Although it has some benefits and if followed realistically it can help in weight loss.The best way is to take the positive aspects of the diet and reduce the intake of processed food and indulge more in fresh food while also taking a healthy amount of legumes and low fat dairy food .In this way one can follow a healthy and balanced diet to achieve the weight loss goals and also foster overall health.

Paleo Diet Criticism – What Scientists Think

Paleo diet is food based on ancient lifestyles that the cavemen used to eat. It is viewed as the healthiest food because it does not have chemicals or other ingredients that are unhealthy to the body. The diet is viewed as the best to help lose weight. However, there are several criticisms against this form of diet.

The Paleo Diet Criticism

One of the major paleo diet criticism is that with the development of technology in the modern days, living a paleo lifestyle is impossible. The critics hold that if people have to eat like the cavemen, then it means that people have to live like them. Pure paleo diet can only be obtained if people go back to hunting animals for their own food, forage for food and give up modern luxurious life. According to development and evolution of the society, this is something may not happen. Therefore, paleo food is just an option that can help people lose weight and attain optimal health, but living purely on it is not possible in the modern world. This means that the diet may not be valid in the modern days.

Proponents of paleo diet hold that it is possible to lose weight and live a healthy life by just adhering strictly to the diet. However, paleo diet critics hold that it is a waste of time to engage in the diet and fail to observe other health best practices. For instance, it is held that if you overeat the diet and fail to exercise; you will definitely gain more weight. This means that paleo diet is not the solution; the solution is living a healthy lifestyle by eating the light amount of food, carrying out exercises and observing other health habits. 

Most critics point the fact that the diet is mainly based on meat. This means that a person engaging in this diet ends up eating more of animal proteins and neglects plant proteins. However, this paleo diet criticism is refuted by proponents of the diet who hold that the diet is mostly based on vegetables. Despite the argument, it is evident that by engaging in pure paleo diet the body is denied other nutrients that are needed by body metabolism. 

It is argued that the body may take a long time before adapting to paleo diet. This is because changing diet from high carb and low carb diet to lower carb and higher fat diet will require your body to take time to adapt. This may led to some side effects that can have diverse side effects to the body such as dehydration and withdrawal symptoms.

Unresolved Paleo diet criticism that requires examination

The Paleo diet refers to a modern nutritional plan that is based on Paleolithic humans presumed diet. generally, it is based on the premise that the genetics of human have changed scarcely since the dawn of agriculture that actually marked the end of Paleolithic era around fifteen thousand years ago and that the modern human beings are adapted to the Paleolithic period diet. It is worth noting that there are many unresolved Paleo diet criticism that requires examination.

For instance, while the humans of Paleolithic era may have been trim and fit, thirty five years was the approximate average life expectancy. A standard answer to this is that there was fluctuation of average life expectancy throughout the history and that it was sometimes lower than thirty five after the advent of farming. However, the rise in life expectancy did not just occur over the last two decades but over one hundred years. This was because of advances in agriculture which increased the supply of food worldwide hence reducing malnutrition amongst people. 

There are many people who have survived up to over ninety years on a very simple and traditional diet of bread, pasta, small portion of meat and vegetables. Generally, it is important to note that the modern approach to the Paleolithic eating is far much different and ignores what must have been the reality of the actual Paleolithic people whereby there was inconsistency, lack of variety and scarcity of their diet. you should not think that you are eating like a paleo man if you eat lobster one day, duck the next day and a fillet mignon the next while also eating eggs and a lot of nuts, berries and vegetables. Even though paleo diet varied by region, they entailed a few staple foods with periods of abundance.

Actually, it is very essential to include more fresh and unprocessed foods in our diet. However, in case there is any charge to be levied against carbohydrate heavy foods such as pasta and bread, it is the reason that most people are eating too much despite the fact that they actually don’t really need it. The Majority of the nutritionist’s consent that the paleo diet gets at least one thing right hence reducing the consumption of unprocessed foods which have been modified from their raw state via various preservation methods. Processed food such as white bread, potato chips and artificial cheese provides less fiber, iron and proteins.


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