Product review for the Venus Factor diet and fitness system

June 6, 2014

Obesity and excess weight gain are some of the common problems among women. Fortunately, with the introduction of the Venus factor, which is a diet and fitness procedure, specially designed for a female body, such problems seem to be solved. It is a very effective diet program and its results are seen within the shortest time possible.

Who can use Venus Factor?

The beauty about the Venus factor is that it caters for individual female bodies. This is determined by the Venus index, which is arrived at by considering the waist, height, and hips measurements. Having these measurements right helps you determine what step to take next to end up with your ideal weight. The reason for this is that while some of the ladies need to lose weight, the slim ones actually do need to gain some. The Venus factor clearly indicates what you need to eat and how much you need to exercise to get to your ideal size.

Components of the Pack

The program has different designs, which are created using the Venus index. When you purchase the set, it comes with the manual, the eating guide, the workout manual and schedule and the community access membership forms. All these components are used differently by different ladies to suit their bodies. This makes it convenient and effective to use. The price is fair considering the results that are achieved by the end of the program.

Pros and Cons of Using the Venus Factor


Firstly, the product caters for the needs of every lady, including those who are new to workouts. It is easy to follow and sustain. It is not strenuous too. Moreover, there are pictures and video clips that explain in details what is supposed to be done and when.

Secondly, going to the gym is very expensive and strenuous. Most of other workout plans require the lady to visit a gym at one point or the other, but not the Venus factor. The workouts that you are supposed to undertake are all-simple and can be done at home. This makes the program a whole lot cheaper.

Finally, many people make a mistake when they cut off eating all together in the name of losing weight. However, with this program, the lady is actually encouraged to eat a balanced diet and a little of what is not too health. Hence, it makes it easy to follow.


First and foremost, the program requires a lot of feeding discipline. There are no strict procedures set out. This would be a major challenge for many ladies who cannot resist foods that cause weight gain.

In addition, the results are achieved fast, but not as fast as some ladies would want. This is therefore a disappointment for those ladies who want fast results.

The final and greatest disadvantage is that it only works for the ladies, never men. This is because men’s and women’s bodies are created differently, and the two cannot use the same weight loss mechanisms.

In conclusion, the next time you consider buying a weight loss kit, the Venus factor is the best option for you. It is designed for women, and is cheap and effective too.

The Venus Factor Diet – All You Need To Know

One weight watch program that is proving to be women’s savior is the Venus Factor. The Venus Factor offers a unique approach to losing, gaining and maintaining weight and is specifically designed to help women reach their ideal shape and weight.

  • · What is the Venus Factor?

The Venus Factor is a program which shows women how to eat and exercise with the aim of reaching their ideal weight.

The program is uniquely designed to meet the needs of each woman by using a “Venus Index”. A Venus Index is determined by taking the measurements of your height, hips and waist, and the measurements are then used to calculate the Index and determine the shape they want to be.

  • · What Does the Program Include?

The Program is centered on the Venus Index and includes the following;

1. An Eating Guide

The program consist an eating guide where depending on your Venus Index tells you what to eat. This makes the program unique such that what each woman eats is different from another. For instance, women who want to gain more weight may find themselves taking a higher calorie intake than those who want to reduce weight.

2. A Comprehensive Workout Manual and Schedule

As with all other fitness training programs, the Venus Factor also comes with a comprehensive workout program.

The manual consists of a 12 week workout program divided into 3 phases. Each phase comes with specific routines and guidelines which detail how and when to do the exercises. The manuals also come with pictures, videos and detailed explanations on how to do the exercises correctly.


3. Community Membership

The Venus Factor program allows women who are doing the program to be able to reach out to other individuals. This helps provide moral support as members can share their trials, victories and motivate each other. It can also be used as a forum for meeting other people.

  • · What are the Benefits?

The Venus Factor has several benefits attached to using it. They include:

ü It is convenient. Finding the time to go the gym can be difficult but the Venus Factor program can be easily done from the comfort of your own home.

ü The exercises included are easy to do, effective and don’t require the need for gym equipment, which can be expensive.

ü The Venus Factor reduces the need to count calories and doesn’t require that you give up your favorite foods.

ü In case you don’t find the program suitable for you then there is a 60-day money back guarantee.

  • · What are the Disadvantages?

Some of the cons of the Venus Factor program are;

ü The program is only for women. Sorry Men!

ü The Venus Factor program isn’t suitable for people who want to lose weight quickly. It is a slow but steady fitness training program that helps you achieve your ideal weight, body and shape.

ü Reduced freedom in food choices and training regimes. It requires that you follow the rules and commit as much as possible to get faster results

Overall the Venus Factor is a risk free and high quality fitness program that you should atleast try out to reach your ideal weight and body shape.

what you need to know about the venus factor diet plan

The health market amounts to more than $1.6 trillion a year, a big portion of this number is dedicated to those products promising weight reduction, fat loss and appetite suppression in record times. As statistics and experience show, these claims are usually far from being achieved. This is precisely the biggest problem, to separate quality products from snake oil. This problem has an answer in the form of Venus Factor, which is a new way of reshaping the body of women; this innovative approach has made headlines not only in English speaking countries but all over the globe. It is already an established product in the industry and what’s even more important, it’s growing really fast in many niche segments.

Although descriptions are important, it’s crucial to understand how satisfied customers explain how this product has affected their lives for good. Mary McCovey explains how after she gave birth to her two children she wasn’t exactly happy with her body and the relationship with her husband began to suffer, after looking at all the alternatives she decided to give Venus Factor a test. She really wasn’t expecting much but after losing 20 pounds, mostly bodyfat, she got hooked.

Venus Factor is not for everybody; men would not benefit from it since the female body stores fat in a different fashion, this is especially true after pregnancy. Not only this, men tend to have different habits when it comes to eating and working out therefore this product was not created to suit them at all. Women who are fanatical about a particular product may tend to keep their preferences the way they are even if they could benefit from the product.

Many people like to compare Venus Factor to a bulls eye. Why is this comparison almost perfect? Because it practically melts bodyfat from women. It was designed with a single purpose of making the lives of females much better through science and careful analysis of their needs.

When it comes to benefits, the list is long. As an example of this some of the most important ones will be mentioned next:
– Proprietary Venus index, which is determined by measuring hip, waist and height measurements in order to make the calculations for an ideal body.
– A practical way to decide not only how much weight will be lost but how the shape of the body will end up looking.
– The only method used not only to reduce weight but also to increase it in the healthiest of ways.
– Takes into consideration the attraction that a hip-to-waist ratio produces to the opposite sex.
– A complete program comprised by many elements such as high value nutritional guides, schedules and workouts along with a priceless community membership.

The wide range of testimonials is impressive. Gloria Burke has expressed herself quite emotionally using adjectives such as efficient, wonderful and magical in order to describe the Venus Review. Although these words are powerful it is worth noticing that the product changed her life, literally. She was overweight and she was at a point where she didn’t yet need medical assistance but some problems begun to emerge. After taking the product, she has not looked back.

As a brief conclusion, the Venus factor is rated 5 stars out of 5 for all the aforementioned reasons, along with its availability, quality and of course, it’s impressive and tested results.

why you should try the venus factor fat loss scam

For many women, getting the right weight is the hardest hurdle that they have to overcome during their daily lives. Most of them are not only conscious of maintaining a proper weight, but also feel the urge to stay healthy and boost their general well-being. However, it is always a challenge to achieve this remarkable feat than earlier anticipated. While most of them know that eating healthy and doing some exercises plays an important role in maintaining an optimum weight, at times, it may not be enough.

There are many women, who are in urgent need of some help particularly with body shape and losing weight. Oftentimes, they may think that they have come across a long-term solution, but then again, things start halting. This would likely make them lose the much-needed motivation. The risk of starting things again also looms largely.

Even though, there are many products, supplements, and programs on the market aim to assist women in achieving their body shape and weight goals, most of them do not consider the bodies of women and different individual needs. The Venus factor appears to fill this gap. It recognizes that every woman has a unique body and that their individual needs differ.

The Venus index lies at the heart of this program, which considers a woman’s waist, height, and hip’s measurements to know precisely the precise measurements of her body. She can then derive some usage from the list to know the steps that she has to take to accomplish the goals that she wants both in terms of weight and body shape.

It is worth remembering that the Venus Factor does not try to pay attention only to losing weight, but also guides women on the steps that will ensure that they achieve their goals of body shape and weight. For some women, the indication means that they have to lose weight, but for those who are underweight it could mean that they need to follow certain steps to put on some weight.

One thing that they should know is that the Venus Factor Program is not a miracle that will get them into a great shape just overnight. The program aims to help them throughout the way, but they should put their best effort towards the realization of this goal. Obtaining a great shape and achieving an ideal body shape may be a long and rigorous process and only calls for motivation, discipline, and hard work. However, the program gives you all the necessary resources, tools, support, and information for you to boost the chance of achieving your weight and body shape goals.

Venus Factor: a unique diet and fitness program

Venus Factor is a diet and fitness program developed by John Barban, an American nutritionist. It focuses on helping women shed off unwanted fat and keep fit for long time. It’s actually emerging as one of the most talked about fat burning program in the market today. Let’s take a detailed review of this program and its importance,

What is this program?

Venus factor is the brainchild of John Barban, an American who holds a degree in nutrition and human anatomy and with great experience in the supplement industry. Its basic foundation is built upon restoring women sensitivity to a hormone known as leptin. According to studies, this hormone plays a significant role on fat and appetite especially for women. It’s responsible for regulating your metabolism and sending the right signals to either burn or accumulates fat in your body. This program is based on a combination of nutritional guidelines and specific workouts for women.

How does this system work?

This program is all about controlling leptin hormone in the body. Before Barban developed it, he studied the way leptin interferes with how our body stores or burns fat and the way it controls sending of signals to our brains so that you know when to eat and when not to. Women tend to be more resistant to this hormone than men. Having learnt everything, Barban went ahead and focused his efforts in finding a way to restore this hormone, hence coming up with Venus factor.

With this system the approach to meals is flexible since the importance is when and how to eat certain foods. The virtual nutritionist tells you exactly what should be in your plate, depending on your height, shoulder width, body fat, and waist to height ratio. The program determines how much calories you need to take depending on your progress. At the beginning of the program, when you have more fat you can afford to eat much less, but as you continue growing leaner, you have to increase on your calorie intake until you reach a balance point you desire.

What is included in the program?

The program consists of a number of different components, all of which are based on the concept of Venus index, the factor that is determined by taking measurements of your waist, height, shoulders, and hips. Ideally speaking, the program aims at offering you the correct ratio of these measurements. It’s said that your waist should be equal to 38% of your height.

What are the pros and cons of this program?


· It includes pictures and videos in addition to descriptions to help you have a perfect balance

· The workouts attached to it are simple that you can start doing them at home the minute you get your hands on the program

· It mainly focuses on helping you learn how to adjust to your eating habits and not necessarily forcing you to dieting

· It’s purely natural and risk free


· For those who are hoping for a more structured approach may find it difficult to adjust to this program as it requires you to follow rules and get dedicated

· It’s about building an ideal body over time and not a super quick fat-buster

· It only targets women and not men

Overall, Venus factor is a high-quality program to help women achieve their desired weight over time.

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