“Rapid weight loss pills” – do they work”

June 13, 2014

In a nation where more than 60% of the population is overweight, the appeal to lose massive weight quickly is certainly hard to resist. In fact, dieting has become what experts call a national obsession, and generates billions of dollars in revenue annually. About 30% of Americans claim to be currently on diet. However, many more are concerned about the effectiveness and safety of diet pills, supplements and herbs. There are numerous kinds and varieties of these pills available on the market each claiming to be better than others. Here is the truth about these pills.

Many Are Not Regulated Thus Dangerous

You probably think that anything you buy in a pharmacy is harmless and efficient. However, that is exactly not true. The Food and Administration department (FDA) does not regulate many of over-the-counter drugs including diet pills and herbal supplements. This means, a buyer has no clue how much of an active ingredient is in the pill, whether it works at all, and more importantly, if it is harmful. A recent investigation by the Food and Administration officials revealed that close to 70 different diet pills contained very high levels of dangerous substances to the body.

Those That Work Have Limited Effectiveness

Granted, not all diet pills are bad. With careful research and consideration, you can be able to purchase the few harmless diet supplements that work. Even so, their effectiveness on your weight lose is limited. What you see on the box is not what you get. According to the latest research, most diet supplements work about 20% less than the manufacturers claim. In fact, some experts say they lighten your wallet faster than the rate at which you lose weight. Hence, if you are wise, you will not rely on diet pills alone to lose weight fast.

The Bottom Line: Do Your Homework before You Buy

If you are thinking of trying over-the-counter diet pills, have your facts straight first. Check the FDA website for harmful and banned substances, so that you know what to avoid. Read the label of the pills to get some insight into the ingredients, and how the product works. Remember, there is no much scientific evidence backing up their claims. Consider consulting with your doctor before taking any diet supplements, even if you have determined they are relatively safe and effective. In addition, keep in mind that diet pills are not the only way to lose weight fast.

Easy Ways To Lose Weight
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