Swimming: the best exercise to lose weight

February 24, 2014

Weight problems can be the scariest nightmare for anyone. While staying fit and in good shape is the mantra today, it needs a little change. It is quite hard and boring for the ones who don’t like to work out. So why don’t you try the exercises that you love?

Swimming has always been the best way to burn calories and to lose weight, by increasing your stamina and producing power in the body. So, you can enjoy your swimming while you are losing extra calories and fat from your body. Some facts and benefits of swimming are:

  • It is recommended for elderly people and is said to have cardiovascular health benefits.
  • Along with the body, swimming is the best exercise for the heart and the lungs, making the supply of oxygen and blood abundant in the body as well as keeping you free from heart and lung diseases.
  • Reduces the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart problems.
  • It makes the body powerful, resistant to forces and full of energy. It makes the body a very flexible one.
  • Swimming is also considered to be a very effective exercise during recovery of injuries.
  • It is also good for the mind. It gives peace and rest to the mind.
  • The best benefit of swimming is that you can eat a lot if you swim regularly. It will burn all the calories and you also don’t have to stop yourself from eating!

With so many benefits including with weight loss, swimming is not just an exercise. You can actually enjoy it with your friends, your partner or your kids. It comes with various styles; you can try each and every one of those as an experiment.

The reason why swimming is considered to be the best exercise, better than running or other types of workout, is because it is the workout against a strong force – water. The body, during swimming, fights with the water to pass through it, which makes it work harder. As it works hard, the heart starts pumping blood faster with the fast supply of oxygen that is mixed in the blood and carried over to every part of the body. This builds up endurance and makes the body stronger with more energy and more strength.

Many public swimming pools now offer memberships for the ones who want to lose weight. They also run aerobics classes along with swimming to help them lose weight faster. You can always choose what package you like, and aerobics is also a great amusing dancing exercise for the ones who want to lose weight.

If you walk for an hour and if you swim for an hour, there is a huge difference in between! The amount of calories burned in an hour while swimming is more than double to triple that of what you actually burn after walking for the same time period. It is not only the fastest way of losing weight, but it is also the best leisure activity and keeps the body safe from diseases. So, here you have a lot of reasons to go for swimming everyday in order to burn some fat and some extra calories from your body.

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