How Many Calories Broccoli Contains – Easy Ways To Lose Weight

March 28, 2014

Calories in Broccoli


Why do most doctors who plan diet chart for obese or overweight always involve broccoli in it? The answer lies in simple logic

. Broccoli is well endowed by all the natural nutrients. All this helps in promoting better health along with making you reach your goals earlier. Green in color, shaped like cauliflower, you can eat broccoli in more than one ways. Use it in salads, add it as one of the veggies while making Chinese preparations, bake it or simply shallow fry for crispy snack. China, India, Italy, USA and Spain are known as the top production countries for this vegetable. Broccoli belongs to the cabbage family as it generally contain high amount of Vitamin K and C. It can be produced in UK due to the fact that the growth can be adjusted at different temperatures.

Nutrition quotient

The dietary fiber present in this green vegetable is what makes it the popular choice of medical practitioners and dieticians. This helps in improving metabolism, help in satiating hunger pangs for longer time periods and improve the movement of bowels. To list the other nutrients present in broccoli, mention can be made of:

Thiamin Niacin, Pantothenic acid, calcium, Iron, Selenium, Vitamin A C and B6, Folate Magnesium and Phosphorus.

The variation of nutrients that you can get by consuming this vegetable can only be replaced by combining a number of different vegetables.

How to select broccoli?

There are certain indications which can guide you to select the best broccoli in a supermarket. The broccoli that you select should be dark green with little or no spots. Such spots indicate that the broccoli might be rotting. Also, the vegetable should be firm with full florets. This means that the vegetable is fresh and can be enjoyed when cooked. If you happen to pick one that is rather soft, then you will observe that it will become mushy easily when being boiled and will be devoid of its original flavor.

broccoli Calorie count

However, this does not mean that this vegetable is without any calorie. Now, let’s consider the calorie of broccoli in same measurements but when boiled with salt. Boiled broccoli spear measuring 5 inches weighing 1.3 oz, there will be around 13 calories. A medium stalked broccoli, let’s say measuring around 8 inches with a weight of about 6.3 oz will possess about 61 calories. A 3.1 oz broccoli in a single serve contains approximately 30 calories.
In a Broccoli spear measuring 5 inches weighing 1.3 oz, there will be around 11 calories. In A broccoli of medium stalk that weighs around 5.3 oz, there are 51 calories. There are 135 calories in a whole broccoli that is raw and weighing around 14oz.

Burn off calories

The amount of calories in Broccoli that you gain by consuming this vegetable can be easily burnt off in Five Minutes of walking, two Minutes of fast running and three Minutes of circuit training. Hence, you can easily shed off those extra fats that might just get deposited in your body by a simple exercise regime.

Easy Ways To Lose Weight
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