The Dukan Diet

The Dukan Diet: The Ultimate Weight Loss Diet

The Dukan diet was developed by nutritionist and Doctor Mr. Pierre Dukan, and has approximately 1.5 million women just in France alone, claiming that their perfect weight and body is because of the Dukan Diet.
The basic idea of this diet is that our size is determined by our fat cells in our body, which are taken into account at birth when a birth count is done. The higher the count, the higher the possibility for obesity and the more prone a particular person is to becoming larger in size. As Mr. Dukan says, “the main problem is bad eating habits that are responsible for new fat cells.” Those fat cells increase your volume and if you continue to live in an unhealthy manner they tend to multiply and eventually become impossible to destroy and neutralize.

The diet is based on consuming high-protein food, with limited carbohydrates, and includes: fruit, cereals, starch fruit etc. The main trick in the diet is to take in foods that are very high in protein but are also very low in fat. Foods like: fish and dairy products with low percentage of fats.

The diet works in four stages:

1. Attack phase
This phase is the hardest part of the diet and it usually varies to about ten days long, but can be extended depending on your overall needs. It consists in eating only protein food with ingredients that aren’t rich in carbohydrates or fats, such as: water, coffee, vinegar, tea, salt, etc. Usually in this aggressive stage people are known to lose 6-10 pounds in the first five days.

2. Change phase
In this phase you implement vegetables. In fact you take turns in days, one day only high protein meals, another day you implement vegetables with that meal. Best vegetables for this stage are: cucumber, lettuce, celery, tomato, etc. This phase is conducted until you reach you goal in weight.

3. Maintaining phase
This third step is in fact technically the second phase but you’re allowed to make little exceptions. You will continue to eat high-protein meals with vegetables but you will have little snacks like: fruit and two slices of bread daily. As a treat weekly you will have one meal of carbohydrates like rice or pasta. After few weeks of this phase you can also have a weekly ‘holiday meal’ where you can eat anything.

4. Stabilization phase
The last phase is adaptation to eating healthy meals with carbohydrates, sugars and healthy fats with rules from phase three, but with more choice in food. It is also advised that once through the week, you eat proteins just as you did in phase one.

At the end you can say that the Dukan diet is a successful diet with guaranteed loss in weight. Also this diet is part of extremely unsure diets that implement aggressive approach to eating habits. It is mainly based on strict high-protein meals with low percentage of fat. In most cases you will fulfill your goal, but in the end when you switch to normal eating plan and habit there is great chance that all the lost weight will slowly come back.

The Dukan Diet: How To Do It Healthily

Considering the massive numbers of people that are trying to lose weight, it is no wonder that there are numerous weight loss programs out there that promise to help the patients in their endeavors. Among the most notable is the Dukan diet. This weight loss program is named after the French scientist Pierre Dukan who made the diet plan.

In this program, there are three phases. The weight loss phase, the consolidation phase and finally the maintenance phase. During the weight loss phase, the dieter is expected to alternate between periods in which they eat pure proteins and periods that they eat proteins and vegetables. The goal here is to have the least starch ingested as possible. By doing this the dieter avoids taking in anything that could be turned into fat. As such the body is forced to burn its existing fat deposits to meet its supplement. After the dieter has achieved their true weight, they now enter the consolidation phase where they add fruits and starchy foods to their diet. And lastly the maintenance phase that now includes keeping the healthy weight in your day to day life.

This diet plan however has some major faults. The national academy of science recommends a 10%-35%intake of calories from proteins. However, the Dukan diet ranges around 79%-90% of protein based calories. This is falls far from the recommended percentage and could have some serious problems. That is why most low-carb diet authors stay within the recommended level. The biggest underlying problem with this process is that the liver and kidneys are left with a lot of work dealing with the by-products of protein metabolism. As we all know this increases the wear and tear of the organs and they can only do so much to keep the balance.

Also people subjected to an all protein diet constantly suffer from a condition called protein poisoning which is characterized by headaches, low blood pressure and malaise. This phenomenon is also referred to as Rabbit starvation.

On the brighter side, the longer consolidation phase allows for both the body and the dieter to get used to the substantial weight loss. The program’s emphasis on a realistic expectation about a sustainable weight is very vital in keeping the dieter in the program and also focused. The low ranges of weight loss that the program encourages are good in that the patient is able to see the results overtime and the limit looks realistic and achievable.

While using the Dukan diet, it would be necessary to take in very little starch on the side. That could take way most of the downsides of the program and keep your body balance within safe confines. The program has proven to work but you should be sure to follow through with the consolidation and maintenance phases less you fall back to your predicament.

The Dukan Diet: One Of The Most Revolutionary Diet Methods

Today, millions of people from all across the world are looking for weight loss products such as various supplements, pills and diet plans to shed their extra pounds. The Dukan Diet is one of the most revolutionary diet methods to lose weight without gaining it back.

Designed by a French nutritionist and dietician Pierre Dukan, the Dukan method will help you to lose weight easily without any hunger sensation. The Dukan Diet is a protein-based nutritional approach based on a healthy eating plan which includes 100 foods. Out of 100 foods, 72 are animal sourced and 28 come from plants. This method allows you to eat as much as you can as long as you stick to those 100 foods.

The Dukan Diet is a fast, efficient and natural diet which allows you to lose weight without counting calories. The Dukan method is structured into four phases. Two phases, namely, the attack phase and the cruise phase are designed to help you lose weight quickly and achieve your weight loss goal.

In the attack phase 72 pure lean proteins such as meat, fish, egg, soy and cottage cheese are added to the diet. You cannot eat anything other than the 72 pure proteins. You can eat unlimited amounts without counting calories. You must drink at least 1.5 liters of water daily. In this phase you can lose 2 to 3 kg weight rapidly (within 2 to 10 days only).

The cruise phase includes 28 specific vegetables that can be consumed in unlimited amounts as long as they are not starchy. This phase usually lasts based on specific personal physical condition. Generally, you can lose 1 kg per week. If you need to lose 10 kg, the cruise phase will last 10 weeks. You need to continue to drink 1.5 liters of water daily. You will achieve your true weight loss goal gradually in this phase.

The consolidation phase prevents putting lots of weight back on. You can consume unlimited amounts of proteins and vegetables daily. You can eat one or two starchy food and anything in a celebration meal once or twice a week. The dieters must eat the core diet of pure protein one day each week. The third and final phase is the stabilization phase which is the long-term maintenance phase of the Dukan Diet plan. You can eat whatever you want in this phase if you follow some simple rules such as the following:

• You must have a protein day once in each week
• Walk for 20 minutes each day,
• Eat oat bran each day (3 tablespoons)
• You must not use elevators or escalators

The dieters must follow the stabilization phase for the rest of their lives in order to maintain the weight loss gain. Millions of people, including famous celebrities from all across the world are using the Dukan Diet successfully. You should make it a part of your lifestyle. The Dukan Diet method is a natural and healthy sliming diet method you should use to lose weight and stabilize your true weight for life.

What is the Dukan Diet Attack Phrase?

Many people are trying to find a quick and easy way to lose weight and keep the excess weight off. With so many diets to choose from it can be difficult to know exactly which diet will help you the quickest. The Dukan diet is one relatively new way of losing weight which is getting a lot of attention at the moment.

The Dukan Diet is broken down into four phases, each phase is designed to maximize the rate at which your body can burn fat and lose weight. The first phase is the Attack Phase, this is the first step in getting your weight under control.

What is the Attack Phase?
The attack phase is the start of the Dukan diet and this is where you can eat foods high in protein but low in fat. While you are in this phase you can eat 72 different foods so there is plenty of variety. The foods include Fish, Seafood, Chicken, Rabbit, Turkey and offal. You also get a small amount of bran per day which will help to keep you filled up.

When cooking while you are in this phase be careful you don’t add any fat by using oil. Instead will be best to grill or bake your food to reduce the amount of fat.

As long as it is on the allowed list you can eat as much as you want. This makes it a fairly easy diet to stick to.

You must make sure you are drinking plenty of fresh water, tea or coffee. You should be drinking a minimum of 1.5 liters of water but it doesn’t matter whether this is on its own or made into a drink.

What cant you eat?
If you are on the Dukan diet then you should avoid anything that is very fatty, even if it contains protein. This means that you shouldn’t eat beef, pork or duck.

You should be very firm with yourself while you are on the diet. Make sure you don’t allow yourself even the tiniest slip because this can damage any effects you have already experienced.

The Dukan diet can make you slim again, you just have to stick to the diet and follow all the rules carefully.

The Dukan Diet – A Comprehensive Review

One of the diet crazes currently sweeping the nation is the Dukan diet. This is a diet that consists of many sorts of common foods. The Dukan diet is structured into four phases. It is a low carb diet that aims to give users a variety of proteins to choose from, and a variety of low carb options. Many people have enjoyed this diet and have found it to be a great plan for weight loss.

The first phase is the so called attack plan. During this phase of the diet participants will be eating all of the lean protein they can handle. Participants also eat 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran daily, as well as consume several glasses of water.

The Cruise phase of the diet lasts for an undetermined length of time during which participants can eat virtually unlimited quantities of starch free vegetables on alternating days. Participants also continue with the oat bran supplement to the diet.

The third stage according to the plan is known as the Consolidation stage. This consists of five days based on pounds lost while on the diet. Participants can eat vegetables every day as well as one serving of fruit, and one ounce of hard cheese.
Dieters may have a serving of bread or other starchy foods and can look forward to having a celebration meal which consists of anything they would like to eat.

The final phase of the diet is known as the stabilization phase. Those who have successfully completed the diet plan can eat whatever they like any day, although one day of the week participants need to eat the same foods they had on the attack plan. Diet followers must also eat 3 tablespoons of oat bran and should be walking a minimum of 20 minutes per day. Sugar free gum, no calorie sweeteners and unlimited quantities of zero calorie beverages can be consumed. Alcoholic beverages in the form of simple drinks can be had in later stages of the plan.

The pros of the diet, is that the meals are generally easy to plan. No exotic meals are required on the diet. Individuals don’t report being hungry on the plan due to the protein consume. Individuals can and do lose weight on the Dukan plan.

The cons are that individuals who are on the diet may feel fairly restricted on the diet and this could lead to binge eating or deprivation. It should not be undertaken lightly. It is safe for most individuals but consulting with a cardiologist is probably important.

Test your commitment – Try the Dukan Diet

General practitioner Pierre Dukan is the brains behind the Dukan diet. It was in 1975 in Paris, during his studies that he was confronted with his first case of obesity. During that time, being ‘overweight’ and being ‘obese’ had not yet been differentiated and most people thought that you could cure obesity simply by starving overweight people or by drastically reducing the amount of food they ate. There was however a problem with this method widely practiced at the time. All people who were put on low calorie diets slowly regained their weight back after stopping dieting and in most cases, more weight was regained because the body went into starvation mode. Dukan therefore devised a four phase plan that was aimed at reducing the weight and keeping it off, all at one cost; commitment.

• Attack

• Cruise

• Consolidation

• Stabilization

This diet, which is also widely used today is mostly consistent of vegetables, fruits and is made of over 100 different foods which individuals are ‘allowed’ to have during specific phases of the dieting bouts.


This phase was designed to achieve an average weight loss of 2 to 3 kilograms within seven days by kick starting their metabolism. During this period, dieters are only allowed to eat protein-rich foods for as much as they want with the exception of red meat and eggs.


In the second phase, which happens once a week after the attack phase, dieters are required to take all forms of protein rich diets and 28 types of vegetables only. During this phase, the average weight loss is roughly one kilogram within a period of 2 -7 days. There can however be some drawbacks for dieters who take the diet too laxly. Keep in mind that in the Dukan diet, all forms of vegetables are taken per serving as instructed, depending on the person’s size.


In this phase, re-introduction fruit, starchy foods like bread and cheese occurs. This is a phase that is intended to prevent any future weight gain. This phase usually aims at ensuring that the body does not go into ‘starvation mode’ and begin storing foods as fat when they begin being reintroduced to the body as it does naturally.


In this phase, dieters can mostly eat whatever they feel like without gaining weight. This is only achieved if the following rules are followed:

• Protein day once in a week.

• Eating oat bran each and every day.

• Committing to “climb the stairs”.
The consolidation phase lasts for life, contrary to which weight gain happens all over again.

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