Product review for the Just Potent Green Coffee Bean Extract with Svetol

January 24, 2014

Product Description

A lot of people struggle with major weight issues. As much as they would like to shed off some extra fat, the thought of Just Potent Green Coffee Bean Extractdieting and exercising is a put off. Due to the increase concern of obesity and weight related issues, the leading company for various healthy supplements “Just potent” have released a new product in to the market known as – Just Potent Green Coffee Bean Extract with Svetol 50% Chlorogenic (CGA) Acid – All-Natural Grade A+ Fat Burner and Weight Loss Supplement.
This supplement promises to cut down extra fats in the body without the need for dieting or excising.

Product Features

• Has a powerful fat burner as well as an appetite blocker which helps you eat less and feel fuller faster
• Boosts metabolism in the liver and lowers blood pressure
• Coffee bean extract increases your energy and alertness all day long
• All-natural supplements with green coffee bean extract and svetol
• No side effects
• Guarantees weight loss within just a few days

Just Potent Green Coffee Bean Extract contains the following ingredients:
• 100% pure svetol green coffee extract in 200mg
• 90grams of chlorogenic acid
• Microcrystalline cellulose
• Magnesium stearate
All contained in a capsule shell

How Just Potent Green Coffee Bean Extract works
The key ingredient to this weight loss supplement is the Chlorogenic acid which is a compound responsible for burning fats. Green coffee beans are the only beans that contain this natural active compound since they have not been processed and roasted as most other coffee beans.
Chlorogenic acid or better known as svetol does its work by inhibiting glucose production in the body as well as boosting metabolism rate in the liver. Basically, this process mechanism burns down excessive fats in the body thus prevent weight gain.
Although coffee is commonly known to cause jittery and increase heart rate beat, the green coffee bean lacks those symptoms therefore your heart beat rate will be normal and in addition you will gain productive energy to keep you active throughout the day.
• Svetol has been proven to work effectively
• Less caffeine intake
• Get your money back guarantee

• Not all supplements give the same results for everybody

Just potent are well known to manufacture quality effect supplements and Just Potent Green Coffee Bean Extract is no different. The product has been in the market for a few months and the reviews are more than assuring. A lot of people had positive results with notable changes within a few days of use.
Valued at only $22.99 and with a money back guarantee, you should definitely consider getting one for yourself.

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