A Review of The Viva Oasis Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract

January 13, 2014

Weight loss supplements are often looked down upon in skepticism or out of fear that they will be hazardous to your health. The extract of the green coffee bean is a natural alternative that I’ve been taking for over a month now for my weight loss and it’s probably the best thing I have invested my money in lately.

I take this Viva Oasis Pure Green Coffee Been Extract product in particular, as it hasn’t resulted in any side effects compared to other similar past experiences and is completely natural. The price is very reasonable for the pounds that I’ve lost (my belly fat was my main concern before) and considering you don’t have to be popping pills all day (just twice a day before a meal with a glass of water) I’d say this is a great deal.

I don’t consume coffee on a daily basis so it was nice to find a product that had low levels of caffeine despite being derived from the coffee plant itself! I lost a little more than four pounds in one week, and usually you’d fear getting a rebound (where you lose weight quickly and gain it quickly again) but that hasn’t been happening, at least as of now. Keep in mind that you will most likely lose more weight in the initial weeks when your body reacts more strongly to the supplement’s ingredients, but you’ll still lose weight regardless.

The perkiness and alertness is a plus, which coincidentally makes me be more active so it’s a winning situation from more than just one angle. Also, perhaps it is a placebo effect, but I feel less hungry and my hunger cravings have minimized since I’ve started taking this. I suggest consulting your doctor prior to buying the product just to be safe, but I’ll just say this: I’ll be buying another bottle of these soon!

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