How green tea can boost your weight loss efforts

November 19, 2013

If you are looking for a little help to lose weight, then drinking green tea regularly may be just the thing you are searching for. The fact that green tea can aid and speed weight loss is not new. In fact, ancient herbalists have always been aware of green tea’s powerful ability to help maintain a healthy body weight as well as aiding weight loss. But science often takes time to prove what herbalists already know.

A study published in 2004 highlights some of the scientific reasons why green tea is such a good fat burner and such a popular weight loss aid. Green tea contains high levels of a compound called catechin. In this study researchers showed that the catechins improved endurance capability as well as promoting fat oxidation.

For those who want to use green tea as a fat burner, this study is great news. This study proves that if you drink green tea regularly, your endurance will improve. Since most weight loss efforts include exercise in one form or another, what it really means is that you will be able to exercise for longer which in turn means you will lose more weight. In fact, in the study, the mice that were fed green tea extract were able to exercise up to 24% longer than the average mouse.

Green tea also helped the oxidation of fat which means that the body burnt up its fat cells. This is also good news for dieters since the more fat cells you burn, the faster you lose weight and you lose inches too.

Finally, green tea also stops cells from storing fat which means that green tea actually prevents weight gain as well.

These three functions of green tea make it a very powerful weight loss aid because it supports three essential keys to weight loss namely exercise, fat burning and the prevention of weight gain.

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