Green Tea Weight Loss Effects

December 2, 2013

Green tea is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis that go through a process of minimal oxidation. The origin of green tea is China, but it has been associated to many Asian cultures. This extract has become very popular in the West recently, and it has become a raw material for dietary supplements, cosmetic items, health foods, and other things.

Weight loss effects

This extrac can help you burn fat and boost metabolism, according to some clinical studies. The combination of caffeien and this extract can improve maintenance and weight loss in people who were moderately obese or overweight. Catechins are believed to be the substances behind the fat-burning effects of green tea, according to some researchers.

However, the evidence found that this extract has weight loss powers is a theoretical one in the sense that it can speed up your metabolism. The reason being that there is little scientific backing this result. In case it has some effect at all, then the effect that this extract has in increasing metabolism is extremely small. A flawed trail has found some evidence that green tea enriched with catechins has some effects to reduce weight gain.

How to take it and precautions

Green tea is not recommended for children, but adults can take up to three cups of green tea extract per day. Herbs such as this extract can trigger some side effects when they interact with other medications, suplements orherbs. You need to talk with a specialist in botanical medicine before taking a green tea extract.

Green tea and weight loss may be a powerful combination, but there is little evidence about how this extrac works on the metabolism of the body. Adults can use green tea but children must not use it. A specialist in botanical medicine will give you the advice you need to safely drink green tea extracts.

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