Numerous researches have proved that green tea can aid the body in burning calories

December 2, 2013

Are you tired of having to deal with those excess pounds and now looking for something to hasten your weight loss goal? Apparently, diets and exercise only may take you almost forever to get that great body you have always yearned for. You might need something more to get that great body soonest. It appears, losing those extra pounds could be as easy as hitting the gym less often, sticking to diet plans and then just sitting back and drinking tea all day.

Drinking tea, and specifically green tea offers a wide range of health benefits and one of the main benefits being weight loss. Numerous researches have proved that green tea can aid the body in burning calories as well as fats. This explains why it is normally used as an active ingredient in famous diet pills. There is one set back though, drinking this tea might not deliver fast weight loss results in the same manner like other weight loss products. While some of the weight loss products deliver extremely fast results, there is always the danger of putting your health at risks. On the other hand, tea may be a bit slower in helping you lose weight but you get to shed off those extra pounds without having to compromise your health.

Green tea contains catechin polyphenols that helps in stimulating muscle cells and liver to utilize more fatty acids. Consequently, your body will use carbs at a slower rate and with most of the carbs remaining in your body, you will be in a position to exercise for a longer period of time as your body burns more and more calories. A combination of exercise and tea drinking brings out the best weight loss results.

As you might have realized, drinking green tea alone does not contribute to a lot of weight loss. However, green tea is very useful on maintaining a healthy weight and also brings about so many other benefits to your body.

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