Doctor Mehmet Oz Recommended Yacon Syrup Extract as a Dietary Supplement

November 26, 2013

The fact that many women struggle with weight problems is an obvious truth. The fact that this struggle implies a great deal of stress, pain and all kinds of unnecessary effort does not have to be, though. There is a simple, all-natural way to counter the negative effects of the weight loss process without breaking a sweat. It’s called yacon syrup, and it’s been hailed by scientists as an excellent metabolic burner. 

Yacon syrup is obtained from a South American plant that tastes like a combination between apples and watermelons, a very sweet and rich taste. Due to this taste it can also be used as a natural sweetener, which makes it ideal for diabetic people as well. 

 This syrup is said to have a series of great benefits for the human organism: it reduces constipation and prevents the occurrence of colon cancer, it doesn’t increase the level of blood sugar, it helps the intestines function freely and naturally, eliminating toxins and waste products from the body.

This is a great alternative to such sweet products as molasses, having the same taste, so it can be used as a healthy alternative ingredient for cakes. Not all sweetening agents are man-made, and this plant syrup contains a fully natural one that is recommended for women who want to lose weight without effort.

In a study, an enzyme solution of yacon was determined to be more effective than enzyme solution of such vegetables as eggplants, potatoes and mushrooms. Another study indicates that a daily dose produced weight-loss and a decrease of waist circumference in pre-menopausal women suffering from obesity.

The famous Doctor Mehmet Oz recently promoted it as a healthy and potential way to lose weight, which caused Yacon syrup to sell out in days in most online stores. This initially obscure product thus had a popularity boom that lasts until today.

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