Dr. Oz “Yacon Project” Review

November 27, 2013

Primarily a tube root plant, Yacon is an indigenous plant found in Andes Mountains but has been used world over, thanks to its nutritional properties that enhance overall wellbeing. In addition to other health benefits, one of the primary uses of this outstanding syrup is weight loss.

While it is true that most people are hearing about it for the first time, Dr. Oz opened up about this syrup a while ago. Prior to that, he conducted a research he dubbed  ‘Yacon Project’. In his research, Dr. Oz said that there is evidence to state that the syrup has outstanding benefits on weight loss. He further recommends that in order to register good results, adults should take 100% natural Yacon syrup just before, or when taking a meal. The research showed some very promising results, with participants loosing an average of 33 pounds within a period of four months. Most outstanding is the fact that the participants were also able to lose bad cholesterol without exercise or diet.

Thanks to its sweet natural taste, the syrup can also be used as a substitute to sugar. In this respect, one can add it to their coffee or dessert. This is because it contains a substance that is widely used by many as an alternative sweetener. Besides that, it also has very low levels of sucrose, glucose and fructose. It also provides a great alternative to those who are sugar-sensitive or those that simply want to consume less sugar in their diet.

But what are the benefits of using 100% pure Yacon syrup? Well, using pure Yacon syrup comes with many benefits with regards to weight loss. It is arguably the best way of buying a quality product that is both effective and safe for human use. The latest research shows how this natural extract is able to boost the body’s metabolic rate the natural way to burn body fats.

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