Yacon Syrup for Natural Weight loss

November 26, 2013

Derived from a root found in South America, Yacon was originally part of the Inca diet because of its low sugar and calorie levels. It’s also known to be beneficial for those suffering from diabetes and other digestive problems. For the most part in modern times Yacon Syrup has become more well-known as a natural weight loss product hailed by the likes of Doctor Oz.

Various studies have been done on this particular root. These include Genta et al and Doctor Oz. Both of these studies came to the conclusion that daily use of Yacon extract does indeed aid weight loss and waist reduction. The biggest characteristic of this root is the FOS (fructooligosaccharides) intake, which in turn does not elevate blood glucose.

After the study was done by Doctor Oz, entailing 60 women that participated over the course of 4 weeks, retail stores were sold out in a matter of days. Only 40 women managed to complete the test of which 73% showed actual weight loss without changing their diet or exercise routine. The average pounds lost between the participants were recorded at 2.9, along with an average waist reduction of 1.9 inches. 27 out of the 40 recommended Yacon Syrup as an effective tool for losing weight without taking drastic measures.

Apparently the benefits run deeper than just losing weight. It shows significant results for obese woman who slightly decrease their caloric intake and walk twice a week for about 45 minutes. Clinical Nutrition released this study and apart from improving more regular bowel movements, insulin levels were increased and cholesterol was diminished. The average weight loss between the 55 women ranged at 33 pounds and the study continued for 120 days.

The taste has been related to that of molasses and its recommended use for weight loss involves taking one teaspoon of pure syrup with or before every meal. Keep in mind that heating the syrup might remove some of the benefits.

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